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I've posted this question in the Verona section of the forum with no luck there so I'm trying it here.

First, about a month ago the dash clock on my '05 Verona started blinking off and when it comes back on the time is reset to 1:00.

Second, the keyless entry/alarm set no longer works. I have two keys and neither one works so I'm sure it's not a battery issue.

Both of these stopped working within a day of each other. I've checked and replaced the fuse in the end of the dashboard with no results.

Now, just this weekend the display on the stereo is not lighting up. It still plays, volume, station selector all work just no display. Are all three of these issues related? I haven't had time to check for a stereo display fuse. Is this all an electrical issue that I need my mechanic to look at?

Thanks for any help.
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