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Having owned lots of cars, and many CD players, I'm going to review my new JVC.

I've never really considered a JVC head-unit, and I'm really not sure why. After trying this one, reading and comparing all the other brands out there, I can't believe I've never seen the light. You get a lot for your money here.

Full OLED display with cycling colors. You can also choose your own colors for day, night and even each different source. There are pre-set colors, and you can move around the RBG sliders for thousands of different color combos. Comes with handy little remote.

It can read data cds with MP3/WMA/AAC files. That's pretty common, but still nice. The FRONT USB port is extremely handy! I use both a flash thumb drive and a 120g HDD (Western Digital Passport) and they work very well. The head unit supports up to 50,000 files on USB devices. The file structure is great too, you can search through folders as long as you named them on the computer before importing to the USB device. Searching for folders is pretty easy. It scrolls and displays a good amount of information about the files.

You can set up the unit with a vast array of settings. If you're like me and like to be able to manipulate many different little settings on your gadgets, you'll love this.

You can get a Blue Tooth adapter for around $100 for this unit too. The unit will accept text messages on screen and stores your entire phone book while connected. You can "register" 5 different blue tooth devices to memory, but only one can be connected at once. Take calls while listening to other sources, it just attenuates and lets you pick up. There is a handy mic with lots of cord to mount pretty much anywhere.

Good pre-amps and RCAs for a sub and amp. Good sub controls too, even though I'm without ATM.

The darker colors, especially dark red, are harder to see in daylight.

In very cold weather sometimes the face doesn't communicate real well with the unit. This only happened a couple times.

Can't search through files with the remote. Prolly shouldn't do that while driving anyway though ^_^

Blue tooth not integraded, you need an adapter for $100

Overall, this is a wonderful head unit. You can find them for under $200 USD many places online. Our Canadian friends can take advantage of the low USD value and really get it cheap!

You get SO many features, and the USB in the front is definitely the kicker! Compared especially to Pioneer, there's really no contest here. If you don't mind having USB in the back with a long extension USB cable, you can get the KD-BT1 from JVC. It's essentially the same thing, but with blue tooth built in and USB way in the back. The problem is finding a place for that extention cable for USB. The longer cable might not power an external HDD like my WD Passport very well, and issues would probably result. The long cord won't pose any problems for flash devices since they have no moving parts.

The KD-BT1 is about $70 more than the KD-G830...but I'd rather have the front USB and pay $100 for the blue tooth adapter. Then you have a superior setup I believe, so the extra $30 is like a luxury fee for front USB.

Bottom Line:
This is a great head unit with lots of perks and tech goodies. If you are a technophile, but still want a lot for a relative little amount of money, you can't look further. I'm a freak about details and really scrutinizing specs and features. For the money, you really cannot one-up this! I used to buy Pioneer solely...but you just get more for your money from JVC. Oh the money I've wasted in other vehicles...

Go to JVC Mobile Entertainment \ Model KD-G830 \ Introduction
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