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What is the key to the CV carbs success? I mean, a gain of 5+ mpg is a heck of an improvement over stock carb variations, which are generally pretty good in their own right.

Is it the physical design, the throttle body, the airflow into the head, or fuel delivery? A combination of all these things, or maybe something that doesn't spring to mind?

I'm just asking as I wonder what would happen if I was to install a CV setup, running LPG and all? I don't think it's been done before to a zook, but there are a scattering of HD's running propane, so i'm guessing it can be done. I mean - i'm all about efficiency, not economy... If I can make gains of 100kms+ per tank a without losing power (already getting 550 - 600kms), i'm mad enough to give it a shot.

The stock Aisin carb makes for an OK throttle body, but if the CV design is fundamentally better, maybe it's something to consider?
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