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Hi, I just joined the forum, looks like a great source of info!

Recently I was experiencing stalling of the car when the engine was forced, specially when climbing mountains. I solved the problem like a month ago by replacing both the crank and cam sensors. First I replaced the crank but it didn't make much of a difference, so I replaced the cam and it fixed the problem.

Now I'm experiencing something different. Yesterday, after using the car for a while, I shut it off, and 5 minutes later I tried to start it again, but I couldn't. I had to wait for something on it to cool down, and then it started easily. Today, the same happened.

So if the car is cool, it starts easily, but if I have been driving for a while, if I try to restart it, it won't.

Doesn't seem to be related with the battery.

Could it be related to the recent replacement of the sensors? Any other ideas?

Thanks very much in advance!
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