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Hi, newbie here
i have a recently purchased 2000 1.3 Jimny 53k miles, oil pressure light blinks/comes on only at idle whether engine hot or cold, had oil leak as well (probably around oil pan, poss from pressure switch/filter) which i thought could be cause of oil pressure, so drained old oil (which wasn't too bad), took off oil pan & cleaned up, oil pump pick up and filter not at all sludged, put in new oil (5W30) and filter, taped thread on oil pressure switch & plug next to it. Leak fixed, light still coming on although perhaps not as much as before. Otherwise engine is very smooth & sounds fine.
Tried to check resistance on pressure switch which didn't seem conclusive as it was saying around 13 Ohms when engine stopped, but I only have a basic multimeter. new switch probably my next step, i don't have an oil pressure guage unfortunately
anyone got any obvious thoughts given it's only at idle? idle seems at correct speed - points at third white line around 700rpm), shows no signs of stalling.
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