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So this is my first post on the forum and i would will your help on a troubling matter.

I own for two years now a Suzuki Jimny JB33 Soft Top and I recently had my clock spring broken so i disassembled the steering column and repaired it. It was an easy thing to fix. I had to reweld the end of the tape inside the housing of the clock spring and the horn and the airbag instantly came to life after I reassembled the steering column.

The problem that has surfaced now is that when i turn the key to the OFF position and remove it from the column in just a few second the horn starts blowing and won't stop. When i reinsert the key in the ignition and turn it to either the ACC or ON position the horn stops the continues blowing and start to operate and behave like a normal horn and blows only when the horn buttons are pressed. And again after i turn the key to the OFF position the same thing happens. After a few seconds the horns starts its crazy blowing and won't stop until the key is reinserted and turned.

So for now to be able to drive my car i have disconnected the cable going into the steering wheel horn buttons. With this cable disconnected the horn doesn't blow when i remove the key but it also doesn't recognize when i press the buttons on the wheel.

I can't find what might be wrong with it. Everything was operating properly up until the time (2 weeks ago) that the clock spring got damaged and now that i fixed it the horn is going crazy on me....

Thanks in advance for any info that you can give me.
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