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Hi there, I am new to the forum so please bear with me.
I have a UK spec (right hand drive) Jimny with the FJB33 engine .
I bought the car as a project as it was described as a non runner . it had been working but due to overheating the head was cooked. The engine was in bits , so I have now replaced the head ( and replaced cooling parts etc) . Set the timing etc and started the engine. Good so far .
However , while the engine runs smoothly it instantly starts to rev up and down , regularly up to 3000 rpm .
A friend who runs a car maintenance/repair business, has plugged in a diagnostic tool which suggested all sensors OK but engine firing at 20 degrees before TDC !!!
I have a copy of the official Suzuki workshop Manual and studied it carefully and there is a reference to a ' ignition timing adjusting resistor' and this is shown to be located near the ECU under the glove box. However I cannot find this part.

Does anyone know of this part , where it is , what it looks like ?
Also has anyone experienced this symptom of erratic tick over just after start up ??
Any help/ advice much appreciated
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