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Hi all,

I recently drove my 2002 Jimny to Moscow, Russia and I'm preparing it for the cold winter. I would like to ask how to go about putting in the correct amount of antifreeze and where to put it. I think I should just fill the resevoir with a 50/50 mix. Is that right? Also, do I need to use a specific type of antifreeze?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Antifreeze is easy to install.
Follow the instructions on the jug.
It will describe how much glycol to water mix is optimum.
Different ratios are needed for different expected low temperatures.
Do not put just strait glycol in the radiator tank. If not diluted it has diminished returns.
Remember to run the vehicle for several minutes after installing the anti freeze mix.
Some who do not do so have had their blocks frozen and cracks or chunks broken out of the engine somewhere, as a result.
Frost plugs are commonly pushed out when a minor freeze has happened. But do not count on that as a safeguard to proper freeze protection.
It is wise to remove the battery to inside the house if u cannot warm it in situ. If possible plug it in to electricity. Underhood use a heat producing lightbulb placed next to the block or battery. A trickle charger is good.
Driving into the cold will reduce the heat factor in the cabin. Some place a piece of cardboard in front of the rad. Cut a round hole in the middle of the cardboard the size of the saucer to allow some cool air in the rad fins.
Batteries can freeze and split in very cold (below zero) temperatures.
Some cover the hood and grill with old blankets or a piece of carpet that will keep the wind from getting directly to the radiator.
If possible park it rad end touching a building where there is some heat loss.
If u plan to leave it unmoved for a long time during the winter let the snow build up around it especially under it, to seal the underside away from the blowing snow.
No, I won't help u shovel the snow away from it.
Watch what old timers, used to the weather do, and follow them.
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