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Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has a jerry can holder on the back of their Jimny. I'd love to see some pics and info on where you got it etc. I haven't been able to find anything here in australia so far. Has anyone made their own?

Also, does anyone know if the Apio rear ladders ¡Ú³ÚÅ·»Ô¾ì¡Û¥ê¥¢¥é¥À¡¼¡§¥¢¥Ô¥ª¡Î¥¸¥à¥Ë¡¼¡õ4WDÀìÌçŹ¡Ï
are available anywhere in Australia? I reckon they'd be good for mounting a jerry can holder or 2 on.

Thanks guys.

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