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Whats a j35?

Google says it's a minesweeper in the Canadian navy or maybe an offshore racing sail boat.

If you're referring to the 3.5 litre Honda V6 engine, then you need to ask yourself the following question.

Can I swap a j35 into a 2004 Grand Vitara or maybe can I afford to swap a j35 into a 2004 Grand Vitara - it's all going to be about what skills you possess or whether or not you can afford to pay someone with the necessary skills to do it. When considering the project, please be aware that most Honda engines "spin in the wrong direction" and if this is one of those, the cost of the swap will jump dramatically.

Some engine swaps are, in my opinion, just not worth the headache, that however would be a personal decision, what your motivation for the swap is, etc.. - if you have an 04 GV that needs an engine and a j35 knocking around, I wouldn't see that as worth the headaches of pioneering the swap, especially when it comes to sorting out the electronics.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts