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i have been trying to sell my 2004 suzuki verona ex 130000 miles for almost two months and have priced it low because its got some problems. i looked up kbb to get a baseline and in fair is worth 2690 so ive been asking 2000. i keep on getting 1100 for the offers and fell like im being ripped off. here is a list of the probelms and let me know if i sould talk the 1100 or to hold my ground.
1.) valve cover gasket is leaking causing oil to fill three of the spark plugs causing slight missfire and it still runs and drives great.
2.) the last owner broke all of the door sill plastic, rubbed a hole therough the carpet under the brakes, and the center console latch is broken.
3.) it would need all new tires two of them are bald and the other two are on the way.
4.) the brake rotors will need to be replaced in the future bc they have been turned to the minimum thickness
these are the only issues with the car and whats also making the car a hard sell is in chatanooga the closest dealership is two hours away making parts really hard to come by. i think for 1100 i think i can sell to a dealer and be done. what do yall think
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