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Hello to everyone in the forum. My name is Fritz and I have owned suzuki cars for the last 5 years. I have owned my '04 Forenza since October of 2004and have taken that baby all over the southeast-putting in about 130000 miles. Before that I owned a small Suzuki Swift that gave me around 40 MPG. I work as a private investigator and I am also a marine reservist who just came back from a tour in Iraq.

This car has been through just about everything. I have not had any major trouble with the vehicle other than some minor fixes and I am very pleased with it. If you treat this car well, it won't be bad to you. I can say this because on some days I would travel 300+ miles to my cases along with a 340 mile round trip to my drills. I have gotten up to 35 mpg(usually between 33-34mpg) with this car after putting in an item I bought from ebay. Other than that I have put in nothing but synthetic oil, changed the air filter and spark plugs every 10000 miles, and other changes. I am actually very pleased with my purchase, although it sounds like other people arent so pleased with Forenzas.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself before I started posting again. Hopefully, if I need some technical assistance you guys would be able to help me and maybe I can do the same for others.

Thanks, Fritz
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