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My stock carbed Sami has been stalling lately, about once a day.

The first time it did it, I drove 20 miles, stopped, then took off and it died about 15 seconds later, after running over some rail-road tracks. I had hit worse bumps during that drive with no issue. It looked like there was no fuel in the fuel bowl and the little filter I placed between the fuel pump and carb was empty. I tried cranking it over for about 30 seconds, 10 seconds at a time, and it fired up after a false start.

It happened again after a 10 mile drive and then sitting for a few minutes. I had hit a bump that time as well. It died again shortly after hitting another big bump on the same trip after the last stall. Both of these times, there was fuel in the filter, but the fuel bowl was empty.

The last two times, it has been after a 2 mile drive, a few seconds after hitting the same big speed bump. Each time, it fired up after a false start and 15-20 seconds of cranking. I hit two equally big speed bumps about a mile before the last one. I hit plenty of other pretty jarring bumps on a 20 mile drive home without it stalling.

Fuel level seems to have no effect. It has happened at near full, half a tank, and near empty.

My instinct is to replace the fuel pump, but I'd like to know if anyone has seen a similar issue. My other thought is a sticking float valve.
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