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Don't know if this has been posted before, but this Icelandic dude (not me) has been posting up progress videos of his Jimny project. Basically, he's bought a rolled Jimny and is doing some really interesting stuff with it 8)

YouTube - Project Jimny intro

YouTube - Project Jimny: Rollcage build

YouTube - Project Jimny: Testrun

YouTube - Project Jimny: The Chase

YouTube - Project Jimny gets a new paintjob

YouTube - Project Jimny: The Ride along

These are all his Jimny videos for the moment, however you can check out his channel every now and then for updates

YouTube - Hrolfurinn's Channel

I've been posting this all over the place because I really think this guy deserves attention. Wanna meet him one of these days and do some off roading :D
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