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I was changing out the valve cover gaskets and also had to clean out my EGR valve. Upon putting things back together, the nut came off one of the bolts. I noticed this rod head looks like it could be a torx type. Also, the threads became a bit bent, so I used a threadmate tool to straighten them out, but the nut is slightly tilted, but not extremely noticeable. I hope I can still use this bolt.

Should I threadlock the "rod" into the intake (behind the throttle body), so I can then use the nut to fasten the throttle body to the rest of the intake plenum?

Or, can I just replace this entire piece with a 12mm bolt? What is Suzuki's obsession with using torx (like the alternator issue). (Its bad enough that we have Metric and SAE bolt sizes, when their sizes are nearly the same, but not quite.)

I took some pictures for details.

^ Can the above "rod" be threadlocked here like this? I haven't used threadlocker yet...
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