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Should I just shell out the $200/fob?

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Need help installing 3rd party keyless entry in Forenza

I inherited a 2004 Suzuki Forenza with 35K miles, and really like it. Except it appears the keyless fob is missing, so the dealer wants to charge over $200 a fob to replace it. So, I found the Autoloc KL400 keyless entry system for $55, and thought I would give it a try. I haven’t worked on wiring in 30 years, so wanted to get some expert advice.

Primarily, I just want to get the remote door lock/unlock to work

1/2. Here is the Autoloc manual
3. Here is the Suzuki wiring diagram. It appears I can splice into the harness in the Driver’s kick panel (negative connection to the Door Lock and Unlock wires), but I can’t remove the kick panel because it is held in by the plastic part covering the threshold.
A. Is this the right place to splice?
B. How to I get the driver’s kick panel off, if this is where I should do this?

4. The alternative is to Splice into the control module receiver/connector (enclosed) - it looks pretty easy to do, and then I have a + and ground to easily splice into also. In that case, I just splice onto terminal 10 to lock and 11 to unlock, and terminal 25 for battery and terminal 2 for ground. Is this a better thing to do?
5.Since I’m on a roll here, I was also thinking of connecting to terminal 24, the 500 mA wire from the autoloc system, to open the trunk. Will this work, or will I burn something out?
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