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stop asking stupid questions, and not do trial and error with regrets, and just do an exchanmge correctly. all i wanna do is get 4 new door speakers to accompany my subs, and here is what i must ask..

<b>whats the best speakers and size to get to match the door frames, and how big of a box should i get for 2 12 inch jbl 150's? i still got the standard best buy crap thats battered and beaten from my rockfords in my sonata...<b>

lol how much do you think say, tweeter would charge for complete installations? i want big, or nothing for my sounds, and thanks everybody for tippin me on the harness n such. the hi input really does suck. i just turned the max volume down on the amp, and raise up the db levels 75% and the bass 45% so it sounds great with no real vibrations insde, and its still quiet on te outside...

for the time being, but im going for the boom now.
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