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Hi I’m Burr,
I’m retired from communications in the LA area USA. I live in Guiguinto, Bulacan with my wife and two wonderful little dogs. I “try” to grow Roses and Orchids around the yard.
Now for the car part. I own two Suzuki Mulicabs, one a 96 van and the other a 91 4x4 pickup with noisy tires and a cover over the back, both have the 660 12valve. I bought both from Shem in Cebu. I also have a 96 Toyota Town Ace Diesel.
I have had my share of little problems most I have fixed (had Porsches, did own repair work). But, these childproof locking rear side doors are getting to me. Does anyone know anything about them?
I’ll post this note in the Carry section also, hoping to get some help!

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