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Hey guys.

I have some questions about some wiring in dash, thermostat housing leak and coolant temperature gauge working but not reaching the normal temperature. Could you give me some advices for those stuff.

I have tried to sort them out as much as I can, but didn't work at all.

I upload some pictures which put some numbering on wiring.

Could you tell me specifically what they are with numbers? I have unplugged all wiring on dash, but can not remember where are the original spot for them.
Please tell me number and name of wiring for me.

Also is it possible to make the thermostat house flat it down with block sanding and file? What would you think?
Thermostat house has some dents and damages as well such as deep scratches.

Also, we used to drive sierra with nice and smooth steering while driving.

However, after installing 2" leaf spring and 2" body lift kit on it, steering is really stiff and hard to handling it. What's the matter with it? At that time, we tried to put brand new and a bit thicker spacer than the original one for steering column, but couldn't put it on the column. Does it make this problem happening? Or does steering column need to be modified for smooth steering?

Last of all, last week I have done coolant air bleeding to check the right coolant temperature gauge.
Coolant temperature sensor and thermostat are brand new one.
Even though cooling system component are brand new, why it is not working properly? Obviously, temperature gauge on dash is working slightly, but after 20 minutes it didn't reach at the normal temperature. Is it normal for all sierra?

I will be waiting for your advices.


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The temperature gauge is not a precision device, there are no calibrations and no "normal" on it, every vehicle will have a different "normal running temperature" indication - if you have a concern, get a precision measuring device, for example an IR gun, or a digital multitester with a temperature probe and get a precise reading for your particular vehicle - that way you will know if there is an issue with your cooling system, and if there isn't you'll have an idea of where your gauge needle will sit for "normal".

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Think our leave this too you as you can see the colours easier, hopefully a start...
1. Wiper motor
3. AC
4. Rear defogger
5. Heater switch

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