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Long story short. My 05 Verona, with less than 39,400 miles blew a head gasket and broke it's radiator while I was on the highway a couple of weeks ago. My speed at the time was 60mph and increasing to 65mph. The cruise was engaged. Maintenance was always completed on time and I never drove the car hard.

The dealer found no oil in the engine as well as no anti-freeze in the system. The bill would be $600-700 just to fix the head gasket and radiator with a warning that there may be worse problems internally. The bill I was looking at was going to be a whopper. Warranty? Fortunately, the warranty ran out a few months ago, of course. :rolleyes:

I first looked at the Chevy Cruze. The Chevy folks even let me take it home for a couple of days. However, I did some research on it and found that it too is another GM/Daewoo designed and engineered vehicle. I returned the Cruze to the salesman, told him what I had found about the Cruze, and his reaction was the proverbial "deer in the headlights" look. He said that it was built in America. Made in America it may be, but it's still a GM/Daewoo. :p I cruised away from the Cruze as fast as I could, needless to say.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well, you know. :eek: The Verona has since been traded away and is now someone else's problem. :lol:

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