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Still unresolved.
I have a UK spec SX4 with A/C Climate control Car 5 years at 17k miles.

With heating turned up the ventilation vents on the RHS give out hot air as normal including the windscreen vent, side vent, centre right vent and footwell vent.
The corresponding vents on the LHS emit ambient temperature.

I have studied the service manual and can't see anywhere vents for each side, all the air is controlled by single vents.

Thinking therefore I may have an airlock in the Heater matrix which would be he LHS furthest from the inlet/outlet, Burping and high speed runs didn't make any difference. So have just drained coolant, Flushed with "speedflush" to see if anything is blocked. Refilled with coolant, burped and even partially loosened Heater matrix in / out pipes for bleeding to ensure no air in system.
Absolutely no difference at all.

Now I normally drive so at this time of year I am warm, but the wife is not happy as had a couple of days in the minus....

Anyone got any ideas before I take the Dashboard out!
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