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well i have been playing around with the idea of selling my GV because i really want a P71 and i wanted that car ever since it came out. well to get to the point, i am wondering just how much i could get for the ride or how much would you be willing to pay for it. yes i know blue book crap but lets get real, who the hell looks at that stuff anyway. so here is my sales pitch.

the car is a 1999 suzuki grand vitara with just over 93000 miles. the following upgrades were done to the car: new a/c unit installed, new O2 sensor, brakes half life, new bridgestone oem tires (the ones that came with it not the cheap shit), thule roof rack, aftermarket infinity speakers, aftermarket alpine cd radio with mp3 and auxilary capability, JL audio subwoofer system (3 10inch W1 subs with 500-1 amplifier), 8000k xenon conversion on the headlights, tinted windows (professionally done), calmini front grille guard, piaa 540 series lights,viper security with keyless (2 remotes), aftermarket air filter, batery was replaced, regular maintenance/oil change/flush/tuneup on the vehicle with available proof of EVERY single service and oil changed and it was changed regullarly never late on it, all the factory recal info was fixed, i am the only owner and it was a family car before it was handed down to me. the car has a new belt but because ass holes installed wrong type it squeels (verry rare but it happens for about a second and goes away) but i can replace that if its a huge deal. the vehicle also passed the emmisions without problems. the interior is excelent, exterior has few scratches that you cant really even see (regular stuff for a car that old). there is no major damage or even minor, no mechanical problems, no rust, drives excelent and pulls like hell.

also never ever smoked in, the car was my first car so i babied the hell out of it as you can see with the amount of mods i did to it.

and make sure to check out my garage for the pictures, please let me know because i am really interested. also let me know price you would pay with and without the subwoofers. also if someone is willing to trade for a crown vic let me know

and just so you know the prices od the mods
radio was 170 with equipment
speakers 200
sub system with amp and stuff 1700 or more
viper alarm system 300
piaa lights 230
calmini grille 300
thule 150ish
so thats over 3050 in upgrades

and i am not counting the mechanical parts replaced but you know how much all the mechanical crap would cost you especially O2 sensor, tires, and a/c unit
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