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I have an '88 Samurai tintop with factory A/C (sometimes); daily driver with 2" body lift; Zuk Creations front bumper and grill guard; needs a paint job badly!

Have some issues with it running rough.....

Immediate problem is the engine coolant temp's 97 degrees today with high humidity...need to get the a/c working.

I read a post from Ack who says some sammys have two temp sensors, however, I'm not clear if mine is supposed to have two or not.

I found what I think is and ECT sensor on the front passenger side of the engine. It has two wires coming from a brass fitting going to an electrical connector, short, maybe 4-5 inches. Is there another sensor for a model with factory a/c?

Can I get a replacement ECT sensor from a local parts store or where?

Anyone have the front slip yoke for the rear drive shaft or know the best place to locate one? Mine is in rough shape.

Has anyone ever found any aluminum diamond plate panels for the inside over the rear tires for a tintop?
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