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I was looking for some assistance with an intermittent issue we have been having with our 2009 1.9 diesel grand vitara.

Around 6 months ago, we had an issue with the glow plugs being trigger once the ecu went into standby mode. It was checked by an autoelectrician who said it was being triggered once the ecu went into standby and tapping on the ecu stopped it. They said it would need a new ecu. We took it to a suzuki dealer and they said as there were no fault codes, it wasn't the ecu and was wiring. The autolectricians had already ruled out wiring by cutting the wires at the plugs and splicing in new wires. We left the glow plug relay disconnected and ran the car like that for a while.

In the last few months, we have had some intermittent starting issues once the engine is warm. It only happens every now and again and just turns over for a while until the red engine stop light comes on. Scanning shows no fault codes. Disconnecting the battery for 10-15 minutes (thereby resetting the ecu) fixes the issue and it starts again with no problems.

In the last few weeks it has also stalled out a couple of times when slowing down (e.g. on the approach to traffic lights) and again started fine after disconnecting the battery for a bit.

With disconnecting the battery seeming to resolve the issue, I think it is likely an ecu related fault and I was going to send the ecu to one of the repair places to see if they find anything wrong with it. Does anyone have any other ideas of what may be the issue? It seems strange that there are no fault codes.

Thanks for any help,
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