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HELP?! MAP sensor,Check Engine Light coming on & off at low speeds.Stuttering engine

Hi Guys, am hoping someone out there might have a suggestion to help me out.

My jimny has a running problem. At high speeds, 70mph+ its fine. However, at lower speeds, every now and then it feels like someone has cut the power, the CEL flashes on, then the light will go out almost immediately, and the power comes back. So you get a kind of stuttering effect.

Ive put the car into a main dealer. Theyve had it 2 days. Spent a fair bit of my money and go nowhere.

Theyve said that the fault codes are indicating that the MAP sensor is faulty. But then in the next breath theyve said theyre not convinced, but arent sure what it could be.

Theyve said they can replace the MAP sensor for me, which will cost quite a lot, but it might not fix it.

Before I jump in and have it done and just hope it sorts it - can any of you suggest what I might be able to do ?

Thanks all.

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