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I have a 1986 samurai, stock 1.3 rebuild engine, weber 32/36 electric auto choke, electric fuel pump. My sammy has been running great. I pulled it out the shed and let it idle in the yard for about 20 min. while it was idling i noticed it had a slight miss every now and then. when i went to give it a little gas it would hesitate but run good at high rpm's. I drove it about 300yds and when i tried to barely give it gas it would hesitate. mash the gas it would haul butt. turned around and drove back started running worse. could barely keep it running long enough too pull in the shed.

So now when i try to start it i can barely get it too run and i have to hold it to the floor. then when it does start sounds like not running on all cylinders. or missing real bad. wont idle at all. I manually pushed the throttle and watched the fuel squirting into the carb and looks normal as before. no restriction or difference that i can tell from before.

So I took fuel line off and fuel pump is squirting like it was before. normal
Also has a brand new fuel filter no problem there.

new spark plugs and plug wires. no problem there. plugs have light tan not black.

checked compression to see if i blew the motor. all cylinders had around 150 on compression. that looks fine as well.

took valve cover off to see if i broke timing belt. valves seem to be cycling as normal.

so the next thing tried may have made things alot harder. I was thinking distributor was bad. so i marked the old distributor position and changed it out with another one i had that i know was good. now i cant even get it to start and it just pops when it tries to fire.

so now i have two problems timing is probably off and i cant get it too run to fix the timing.

I can really use some help on this any information would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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