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Hello, this is the first forum I've ever posted to, so bare with me if I mess things up a bit at first. I've owned my 1986 Suzuki Samurai for about three years now. I bought because I wanted a (GASP) Jeep but couldn't afford one. Well as things go for an individual with chronic tinkeritus I couldn't leave well enough alone. I think that I've messed with dang near every thing I can and still have a predominately stock drivetrain. Ofcourse with the advent of graduation and hopefully a legitamet career, that will soon change as well. Sense I've owned it, it has been the source of many great off-roading adventures. Here's a list of some of the things that I've done to it.

transmission (1989 Samurai)
transfer case (1988 Samurai)
vented axles
removable doors
disconecting door straps
custom bumpers
custom jerry can / tire rack
roll cage extension
hi-lift mount
2" shackle lift
hand throttle
additional driving lights
removable winch
home-made aluminum corner gaurds
on board air compressor
fixed that [email protected]*N heater
installed 12 volt plug-ins
fire extinguisher
additional gauges
new stereo /speakers
new top
new clutch, brakes, starter, etc.

Oh yeah, and I Herculined the whole thing, inside and out.

KingMick217 :D
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