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just thought id post up. im new to the site and im glad ive found it :)

im putting together my project zuke finally. ive collected some parts and im slowly putting this together. i'd like to have it built by maylong weekend so i dont have to beat up on my xj anymore :p

anyways.. here's what ive got so far..

-91 EFI 1.3 soft top zuke, motors been rebuilt. nothing crazy but is 30 over and 9:1 compression ( i believe this is more then stock)

-i have a ford 9" and a Dana44 for my axle swop.. was thinkin of goin with the ol lincon locker route for now. was thinkin 5.38's ?

-i have 4" lifted yj springs for my suspension. im goin a custom route on this as far as spring mounts .. so im shooting for around 12" of suspension..

-cutting up the body and doin a little custom work for the flares.

- was plannin on moving the stock gas tank into the box area, to give a little more room under the body.

i know the motor is pretty small for the size of tires im goin to be turning. im hopeing to either find a little more power out of this 1.3 for now, then going with some sort of swop in the future :D

any impute would be great. ive posted up on a long block thats for sale. hopeing this might be any easy power up grade.

anyways, lookin forward to chattin :cool:
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