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Hello everybody, please give me a help. I'm using 1996 Suzuki Jimny Katana.

Here's the probleam: my car seems to be usual with knocking and i've checked all possibilities and found that the "blow by" gas from my crankcase to the air cleaner may be an indication of a PCV valve error/sticking/malfunctioning. I've search all around the web and find no clue at all where the PCV valve in a Jimny Katana is located.

Please kindly tell me where the PCV valve is located and if possible please also post a picture of where the exact location of the PCV valve. I've heard that this little-troublesome-parts is connecting the exhaust manifold and the carb, but i've search around under the hood and found nothing.

Thank you in advance.
I'm a fan of suzuki.
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