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New to the group. I'm driving a carry 1.3 2004 with 135k on the clock and still beating. So far in the last few years of done a lot I will list below. I'm looking for help with Pcv valve and if anyone has but a oil catch can on?. As you would expect my intake is slowly fadeing and would like to feeling it's death. Had a lot of cleaner down it so not really bad. allso anyone have anything to ask about anything in done in the last please let me know. So onto my list of things done.

So 132k owned from 76k

From owning to around 90k I didn't do much to it
Head gasket and skimmed at 120k so if anyone wants a guess at how long there's will last.
Brakes drums and dises
Front wheel bearings gone thru two sets
Tyres all round
New unavise joints on prop
New diff and transmission oil
New tie rod ends inner and outer
New sway bars links
New oil pressure sender
New air filters
New hand brake cable
New thomst
New rad
New water pump
New drive and timing belt and pully
New horn ?
New bulbs
And few other bits.

Sorry for poor spelling.
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