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Hello All!! I'm Suzukidave. I love no vehicle like I love my Sidekick / Tracker.
I have a '96 Tracker, Just bought it last Tuesday. I'm familiar with the Sidekick / Tracker, I bought a '94 in '98 and owned it for 4 1/2 years. During that time it Never gave me one bit of trouble at all. I cried the day I traded it in on a '94 Toyota Pickup. I have missed that little Suzuki more than any other vehicle I ever owned! So, when I saw this '96 Tracker 2 door Convertible, (just like my other Tracker), I had to have it right then and there! a hour and a half later I drove off the car lot in it. Suzuki is very consistant!!! This '96 rides, runs, and handles as sweet as the '94 did!! I can't tell the difference.
I jokingly say that there is a "Suzuki God" that smiles down on all the people that own Suzuki's. LOL

Looking forward to meeting you all and chating about Suzuki's.
Take Care,
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