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Hi All,
I Only got my (Second hand) Swift 2005 about a week or so ago and want to replace the head unit as it has not AUX and the CD player is stuffed(only plays some CD's)

I had a look around but couldn't find much on using steering controls with a aftermarket headunit apart from I need a converter box/adapter (see link). Supercheap has them for $100+ but ebay or justkenwood UK has it for less than $50, Aepro has one but no price, I will ring around today.

The issue is I would like to use the steering controls and get a headunit rather soon.

Headunit Kenwood CD/MP3 Player - KDC-153 - Supercheap Auto Australia

Adapter for car Buy PC99-X90 Suzuki Steering Control interface lead

Headunit adapter Kenwood Steering Control Patch Lead PC99 Parts online at Nexxia UK

Any ideas where to get one for less than $100 in Australia
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