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Hi all! I'm new here and is my first time posting I would like to know if anyone has one of the new Swifts 1.2vvt (gasoline) with the automatic transmission o has test-driven one. What are your thoughts? Is it a traditional (old fashioned) automatic trans or is it like the modern semi-manuals that are in essence manuals but without the clutch pedal (easytronics, etc)? How does it feel driving? Is it smooth like older trans?....or is it jerky or downshifts funny?....tell me anything about it please!

I am about to purchase a new Swift in Europe (my parents will do so since they live there) so that I can have it ready when I go (I'm in the US)....but my problem is that I can't test drive one! I'm sold on everything else about the car! It's perfect and it's just what I like....but I don't really trust what the dealer says about the trans because a few months ago I was almost going to get the older 1.3 auto but later found out that it was one of those robotized transmissions not a full automatic....I think I read that it would've had to be a 1.5 or the dealer had no clue what he was selling (am I right? :( )

Please let me know because I have to decide this month! Thanks!

(moderators please delete my post in the other section if you want...I did not realized that this was de section for 04+ models and posted there instead at first)
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