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Hi All

We have a GV 2.0TD peugeot engine model

experienced a fault code P0191 fuel pressure sensor. cured for 4 days but now its back !

I have done the following:n

Changed the fuel filter
Changed MAF
Dropped and cleaned fuel tank
Replaced the low presuure fuel pump adjacent to the rear axle
checked the fuel lines
replaced the fuel rail pressure sensor with a Bosche one (which solved it for for days)

I have read the live date using Snap on Sun pro latest model appears to be within limits ie HP fuel psi etc

and cant see any change on the live data driving when it goes into limp mode.

has anyone got any ideas what to change or check next ?

your help would be appreciated

many thanks Michelle

99 Tracker, 5 door, 2L, 4x4
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P0191 - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance

Possible causes
- High fuel pressure
- Low fuel pressure
- Damaged FRP sensor
- Excessive resistance in the circuit
- Low or no fuel
- Wiring harness connector of the fuel pressure sensor
- Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor
- Vacuum leaks
- Fuel

..... Philip
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