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Got a 2011 GTS with stock Rockford deck. (No Navi)

Using the USB port for my MP3's, When I add songs to any particular folder, they don't always sort by file name alphabetically.

I have 5 folders:
  1. A-D
  2. E-L
  3. J-S
  4. T
  5. U-Z
Each folder has less than 255 songs as that's the file limit that the user manual states.

When I first loaded my USB drive, everything was alphabetical by file name, which is how I like it to be. Last month, I added about 20 songs to the drive (in the appropriate folders) and some of the new songs were added to the end of the corresponding folder, while others were placed at some weird random location within the folder.

Also noticed that the "T" folder completely got jumbled. I called Rockford Fosgate, and they said they don't actually produce and support the decks, just the amp, speakers, and wiring. So I emailed the dealership that I bought the car from, they said the would research and get back to me. I sent a couple follow up emails, and haven't heard anything back. I called and they said they couldn't come up with an immediate answer but ensured someone would get back to me. It's been a couple weeks now and I still have no clue how to fix this.

I just want to be able to have my songs sorted alphabetically by file name, so that when I have an urge to listen to a specific song, I can figure out roughly where it's at. -which leads me to my second question:

Is there any way to direct dial a song? For instance, I can easily navigate to certain folders on the drive, but if I want to listen to song number 197 for instance, I have to press the seek button up or down repeatedly which is a nice driving distraction. ;)

Anyone have any good tips or advice for me?

Thanks in advance!
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