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Hi Everyone
I currently own a 2001 Grand Vitara 3 door 1.6 in NZ and a 2003 Grand Vitara 3 door 2.0 auto in Melbourne. There is a dramatic difference in fuel consumption between the two. About 4 litres per 100km. The 1.6 is a very efficient motor whereas the consumtion of the 2.0 auto was a bit of a shock to begin with. Then again it's dragging the auto plus air at times and is certainly quicker off the mark than the 1.6.
I have owned Suzukis since 1977 when I purchased an LJ50 3 cylinder 2 stroke in PNG. A very impressive little vehicle in rough and wet conditions. Since then I have owned an SJ410, Vitara, SJ413, Jimny, and the current Grand Vitaras in that order. Never any trouble with any of them. The Vitara took two of us through all the major Australian deserts in the early nineties.
You could say I'm a Suzinut.

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