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So my new to me 2000 Grand Vitara lost 4wd a few days back (surprise, surprise). Day one was Ok, since had dry roads. Day 2, it snowed and as much as I wanted to procrastinate a repair until warmer days, my buddy convinced me to go have a beer and troubleshoot the system in his garage.

So by the end of last night, we'd determined that there was power to the actuator, and that although the pump would run, it wouldn't engage the 4WD because it would lose pressure and continually cycle on and off as the adequate pressure came and went. I was concerned that the system had a leak, but my bud suggested that I plug the positive pressure outlet with my finger. If the pump was fine and it was the system that had the leak, when covered by a finger the pump should have reached normal pressure and then stopped, activating the 4WD light.

The finger test produced the same on/off cycling as the system. Since I'm pretty sure my finger has no leaks, our assumption was the pump was bad. After a few beers and lots of talking fish and fishing, I came home and hit the sack.

This morning, I started snooping around the web to see if there was any more valuable info. Zuki-forums had by far the most and the most helpful info. In particular, this thread by XL-7_RUS

...was the game changer!! I had the exact same issue with the corrosion around the dump-valve nipple and under the o-ring. I am currently about to reinstall the unit, and I am confident I'm going to be back in the game. I will certainly post my results, but in the mean time I thought I'd join the forum and say what a great resource this is! Also was going to thank XL-7_RUS for taking time and making the effort to document the job and make the great thread!

I look forward to learning and sharing with the group!

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