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Hi new here. My names alf.
I have a wee question if I may be so bold.
I have owned a suzuki grand vitara 1.9 ddis since 2007.
Recently there's been a catalogue of different problems.
Glo plugs, intercooler, water pump pulley. And now the turbo has blown.
Finding a replacement was a challenge in itself.
However settlers on a rebuild.
On driving home some 50 miles from home. A wee puff then lost power. No torque at all.
Sort of knew the turbo had blown.
Phoned out breakdown only to find out my other car is the only one covered on the policy. Rant later
I called my mate who said o could drive it home if I take my time and drive slowly.
The turbo had started whining really bad. It the stopped and went quiet.
Still no torque thou.
On turning on a round about I noticed the revs had sort of stuck around 2500 rpm. On changing gear I noticed black smoke coming out. I pulled over and stopped the engine. It didn't stop. Even with the ignition turned off.
Suddenly I remembered a conversation about a year previous with another friend about a works car that was running in its own oil or the like.
I managed to stop the engine and pay for tow truck to take me home.
New turbo is now fitted and awaiting the intercooler to be cleaned out.
My engine still stops and starts but is still smoking.
Maybe get better after intercooler is cleaned.
Is there anything else that needs checking out prior to running her to see if there's engine damage.
Regards alf
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