I have a 2000 Grand Vitara 2.5L automatic, 4 wheel drive that has been rolled. I was a great running vehicle, will pass smog and had all maintenance performed prior to the roll. I also have a 2001 Grand Vitara 2.5L stick shift 2 wheel drive. I have papers for 1. I purchased the 2 wheel drive for the body. Found out it is more work than I want to commit myself to. If anyone wants to take on this project, all the parts are there except the windshield from the rolled one. The rolled one has 142K miles and the 2 wheel drive has about 243K miles. The rolled one is a Limited Edition with leather interior, mag wheels and new tires A/T, and new brakes all around. The 2 wheel drive is what I'm using now for local driving. I am retired therefore I'm not putting a whole lotta miles on the car.