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Forward GV CLUB
Suzuki= shu shu stand on tiptoe

Under words for oneself collation presentment, and by party authorization male bu
Except outside party, whole journey accompany dispose zhi witness altogether's 11 peoples, text be like have not really
Party and write a draft personal hope's minus words' duty!

This year Spring Festival holiday long reaches eight day, plan a long time finally embark on a journey
But halfway true because vehicle's gadget's breakdown, forced break's a a itinerary~ ~~~~
2/6 ﹝ day ﹞, a group travelling together's five cars in Ping tung cultivate man concentration, start eight day de journey.
2/6 ﹝ day ﹞, 2/7 ﹝ a ﹞ will sleep at night cultivate man
2/8 ﹝ two ﹞ noon will drive turn for tai east maple leaf's thermal region's accomodation
2/9 ﹝ three ﹞ again by will return Hualian northeast platform, expect in Hualian lodge two late
Space and fugacious stay Chu Lu's pasture amuse oneself, about in afternoon three point oves Xus leave Chu Lu's pasture
Menstruate road's time east flower~ ~~~
Vehicle type: Suzuki GV2.0 vehicle number: 6E- 6xx7, drive: chen shi qiang
Feel rear wheel bring forth difference tone, because resonate sound with metal's scrape more and more loudly
Be safety worry, a group travelling together's people zou zou after a while, with great difficulty arrive in Hualian's accomodation point of already night seven point of many
Immediately contact that time sell car zhi clerk, inquire east area zhi Suzuki repair factory's locality

2/10 ﹝ four ﹞ morning eight point of 30 cent by another a GV2.5 accompany
Immediately go to Hualian suzuki repair factory
But arrive in behind this factory~ ~~~Spring Festival qi jian "pause business "
Helplessness, immediately return accomodation point of and contact, gv club east area's editor look for assistance
And obtain gv club east area's editor assist look for obtain a self-management repair factory
Immediately enter factory maintenance, treat hind axle's detail analyse behind, left rear wheel's axletree's damage
Already can not bear usage, need replacing new product, but should's repair factory and have not model zhi materical
Gv club east area's editor with same profession zhi car friend
All over look for each's material's Shang Dynasty still have not should materical ﹝ exceed five above ﹞
Noon immediately's electricity please north self-management repair factory look for assist about afternoon three point of by Taipei's railway station hold in the palm carry train zhi style send materical and in afternoon six point of 30 send arrive Hualian railway station take

2/11 ﹝ five ﹞ morning eight point of half, will acquire zhi accessory give arrive repair factory proceed replacing
But this factory and have not press bed's equipment can will axletree constrain to transmission shaft, be avoid materical's a be damaged
Another look for have should's equipment zhi repair factory, and in flower market look for obtain "the whole year have not stop "zhi Mitsubishi's HSBC's car
Please it assist will axletree constrain to transmit postaxial carry come back implode, about about 11 implode finish
A group travelling together's people about afternoon little continue itinerary, by return Ilan zhi accomodate point of north Su flower's road
Because Su flower's road big bumper-to-bumper congestion, stay Nanao have a rest you rest
Afternoon four point of leave what time bumper-to-bumper congestion's car tide still disappear a little minus and should breakdown car right rear wheel too appear difference tone
All the way zou zou after a while, about night eight point of leave Su flower's road, menstruate time in benefit's inundated area
Rear wheel transmission shaft draw out right should's breakdown's car, motorcade immediately's parking start's contact follow-up drag hang maintain matters
By contact with Suzuki de 080 serve leased line, look for nearby zhi original factory's repair factory
What earn zhi information's listen person be's gas close, should's leased line's personnel at all to with Ilan area zhi contact with telephone
Give with car owner's by oneself contact, will inquire at present or tomorrow whether have run business or stay behind personnel ……
.a ask three do not know, only accuse zhi, be like someone meet telephone express have business
If have no exactly have not …… ……
Again helpless under, call to mind Hualian zhi "Mitsubishi's HSBC's car "ever accuse zhi, be like again have appoint problem
Can nearby go to each "Mitsubishi's HSBC's car ",this factory average have stay behind personnel can assistance disposal~ ~~
Therefore draw up will breakdown's car go firstly drag hang to Ilan's overseeing side zhi "Mitsubishi's HSBC's car "doorway park
Draw up the second day early in the morning again go to qia xun's maintenance matters, about eight point of 30 cent about
By credit card free drag hang contact with zhi all carry drag crane come will breakdown's car all carry to "Mitsubishi's HSBC's car "
This moment already near night nine point of, original draw up stop set to this factory's doorway, but a go behind this factory, this factory doubt artificer zhi personnel by chance too go factory open the door
Inquire below, unexpectedly be this factory zhi factory director, aboriginal again drag hang meanwhile, drag crane's driver already go firstly go electricity this factory, therefore factory director come open the door
We will what situation accuse's should factory director, what factory director accuse will car put this factory and then be OK follow-up zhi maintain check hand over to they and then be OK, because please send zhi materical's an altogether two group of behind Taipei
Remove in Hualian's time's change a group of outside, still have another's a group of new product usableness, treat make clear with behind should's factory director
A group travelling together's people continue go to accomodate a point of encamp

2/12 ﹝ six ﹞ noon 12 point of Xu, that be meet obtain should's factory director incoming telegram, express already renovation, can go to take car
Take car's shi gai's factory director and have not at factory, by this factory zhi desk clerk reception, should's personnel very polite with we say~ ~~
Very sorry! Your car although have provide for oneself materical, but still want with you take department's a wage 800 yuan
But succedent's factory director too incoming telegram, exceeding excuse me with we say other reason matter outside car not at factory in
Too detailed explanation whole maintain course with vehicle status …… ……. .

A, whole east's area unexpectedly all Suzuki repair factory all have no business
     Link stay behind personnel all have no, realize hardly, this year east regional Suzuki car also have how many cars   
     Gush enter suit to, flower, east? ??this' a kind of after service style result make one not dare compliment.
Two, Suzuki= shu shu stand on tiptoe, implode quality and after service, maintain level ……. Besides shake   
     . ......or shake head, already is Suzuki car owner de since beg fortunate, purchase in advance Suzuki car department  
     de. ......please again consider consider!
Three, Suzuki de 0800 customers serve leased line, there is with have no same, a ask three do not know outside, give back
     can push, drag, pull, answer personnel de one's job learn can, difference go can!
Four, Suzuki de car have problem, unexpectedly also want go not factory's brand de car's factory's maintenance, only because celebrate the New Year set free 
     da false, what why's the others make go Suzuki make not go? ?want oneself seek materical maintain …… not
     exaggeration, all Hualian run all over too can't find, because original factory's materical not explanation come out, can only seek original
     factory, expect acquire not easy car department …… … purchase real want again and again consideration!
Five, Mitsubishi's HSBC's car maintain factory, Hualian's factory, Ilan's factory ……. Degree of satisfaction to 100 cent, Mitsubishi
     Car also have come out thrust augmentation what a car department's car kind of, basic structure all almost, and not limit this factory's brand de
     Car kind of all can enter factory maintenance, this two maintain factory mightiness push jian!
Six, thank this time ever help our car friend, thanks you! !

This' journey, this' mass count GV2.0 three, GV2.5 three, luck star a
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