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Grand Vitara 3 door Restoration and Build

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Hi, new here searching for more knowledge on the platform and also trying to provide some of what I have already discovered or learned through the years of being a big Suzuki fan.

This is my journey.

I bought it in 2021. It was missing some love. I have to purchase new wheels and tires just to get it home.

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Grille Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

In 2022 we start the restoration process.

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Car

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

The new Color.

Wheel Tire Window Car Vehicle

Decided to change wheels and tires. And this is how it sits right now.

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Vehicle registration plate Tire Wheel

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive parking light

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

I am now in the process of giving it more power. Saving some money for the swap.
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Swapping what?
Still deciding on 3 options.

1. 1.8t 20v (VW/AUDI) by moddifying the Acme Adapter.
2. Swapping a J20a and boosting it. (I will have a spare J20a laying around in a few months)
3. Boosting the actual M16a.

My next purchase will be the Fueltech that will control any of the above options.
You will need to be careful of what you swap in, the ecm, abs, bcm, tcm, hvac and 4wd controller modules all interact. These aren't quite as simple as others to do engine swaps on.
Bcm controls engine, abs and transmission in some cases, and even more so in an automatic
Thanks for the advice, I will try to make my homework on this Modules. The one that I dont have to bother is with 4wd since mine is AWD no module there, also no traction control here and mine is 5 Speed Manual.
If your one is AWD with no low range, then you will have an AWD control module in place of a 4wd controller
Ahh, you have that version, ok, no awd controller then.

Your one should have traction control and esp tho I believe unless its pre 2008
Ok, that's one less thing you worry about.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts