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Hey guys i just got my hands on a used pair of these hi miler tires and would really like to use them for everyday runaround for my rig but it seems to be that these tires usually go on split rims and i dont have these ,the tire size is 16x7.5 R question is if this tire can be used on a normal aluminium\ alloy (not sure) rims and can it be installed self sealing or does it require a tube and sheath....
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My 02 cents:
If the tires you are referring to are tube type,
that is they usually run tubes, it should say
so on the side wall of the tire.
You can run tube type tires safely on a rim
built for tubeless tires...but you have to have
a tube, and a sheathe is a good idea but not
absolutely necessary.
The way a tubeless tire is built allows them
to run with or without a tube but the tube
in a tubeless tire will run way hotter and will
allow much lower pressure in the tire...but
if not watched closely can lead to premature
failure of the tube and the tire.
You mention the size is 16x7.5R. That means
it runs on 16" wheels, that are not common
on the Samis I am familiar with. 7.5 is the
width of the tire and the narrowest new tire
seen in my area is 9.0...yours are real
'pizza-cutters'. While my rig performs well
in most terrain with under 9.0 sometimes
wider is better.
If you cannot find rims from Suzuki at 16" the
older F150 Fords and International Scouts
(cornbinders) ran them with 5 on 51/2 bolt
pattern(same as Suzuki). Be careful to get
6" wide rims or your tires will come off the
rim easily on sideslide pressure.
It has been done, but you may want to look
into how many of those 16x7.5R tires are
available to you, as you must run 4 of them
at all times. You will want to start off with 5
new ones and rotate them often, for very even
wear, to protect your 4Wheel drive equipment
on your Suzuki...unless you never plan to
use 4WD then it wouldn't matter.

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thanks for ur info 16 rims are quite common where i'm from and i know they are pizza cutters that's why i chose them they would handle better on road and i will swap them out for my off road runs but hey thanks again for the info ..........i already got them on the rig and they work just fine
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