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Hey there,

I want to go with a different look next year on my 06 GV, thinking about painting it a different color and different wheels so just want to put my wheels here and see what kind of feed back i'm getting.

Devino Duel Ver B (black center with polish 3 inch lip)
20x9, offset +20 (i think), with 275/45/20 Wanli summer performance tires, flush to fenders with no rubbing issue. Used for 1 summer (around 3000KM.... most of the time i drive my 350Z) no curb marks, no bend, absolutly mint!! These wheels are now in storage, i'll go take pics of the tire threads soon.

here's some pics attached when i first got the wheels back in May 06.

Asking $1200US + shipping to US, Canada should be cheaper.

BTW i'm located in Toronto, Canada.

please email [email protected]

Thanks for looking.

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