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Guys - I've built it and wheeled it, but now I have to sell it. '94 Geo Tracker offroad built and located in Twin Cities, Minnesota. I am looking for around $3000, but if you are seriously interested we can talk potatoes.

Would be a great launch point for someone who wants a neat little trail runner or would like to get heavy into modifying a unique wheeler. Let me know if you would like any information beyond what is provided.

Below are mods:
  • Solid axle swap (D35 rear and D30 front from a Jeep Cherokee XJ) w/ 4.10 gear ratio
    [*]Differential covers from Ruff Stuff Specialites​
  • 4-link suspension rear and 3 link suspension w/Panhard front
    [*]All axle link mounts were sourced from Ruff Stuff Specialties​
    [*]All body mounts are custom fabbed​
    [*]All links are 1-3/4"x.25" DOM tubing​
    [*]All rod ends are 3/4 Heim Joint Chromoly Bung Weld​
  • Coil suspension (front and rear coil springs from 2-dr Jeep Wrangler JK)
    [*]I also have extra springs available to alter ride height further; they'll be included​
    [*]Shocks (two sets: one from 4-dr Wrangler Sport and other from 4-dr Rubicon)​
  • Tires: 30x9.5x15 General Grabber AT2 mounted on 15x7 Cragar Black Steelies
    [*]4 mounted and one matching spare​
Other upgrades:
  • Aussie Locker in the rear axle
  • All new suspension components were painted with Por-15
  • Has been set up to install a CB
    [*]Wired to run both radio and CB off CB antenna​
    [*]CB and radio will need to be mounted in console​
  • Main hoop for roll cage has been bent to fit
    [*]Pedestals have been built and hoop is mounted​
    [*]Rear kicker legs and lateral hoop support need to be made/finished​
  • Interior has been Rhino-Lined
  • New battery
  • All fluids maintained and changed at end of fall
  • Bikini top
  • Grenade shift handle available
  • Rear bench seat has been removed

Email if you are interested; leave your number if you would prefer to communicate by phone or I will respond by email: [email protected]


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