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Hi guys first of all I’m sorry if this is not right place , thing or section to do this I’m new
on here please go easy on me 🥺🥺🥺🥺 ok I have for sale if anyone is after looking or needs a brand new Genuine Suzuki alto MK3 door for sale I’m looking for £100 it’s still boxed unused
I saved for my 2001 Alto Mk3 I used to use for my sons to lean to drive
and yes they did brilliant as it’s still boxed unused lol 😂
I have few other bits kicking around so if anyone wants it please get in touch
pits near. impossible to find a genuine door now so I’ve got one give me a
tickle if interested I’m in uk West Yorkshire thanks guys Royboy xx
I run a 2014 Suzuki alto as my daily driver it’s brilliant love it never let me down yet
will get new Suzuki soon fancy a jimney thanks for your time

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