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Good afternoon everyone,

Spring is here!!!! what better to do than accessorize the GV. I have not installed the items yet but during the winter, was able to find and purchase the following items:

1. Original Suzuki roof cross bars (silver color)
2. Original Suzuki hitch....that took quite some searching :)
3. Roof basket from Curt manufacturing at a good price compared to the "brand names like Thule..." (dont do heavy offroad so no need for specialty rook racks)

Will be installing the above within the next 5-7 weeks once if gets warmer outside.

Now, If only i could find a good mild 1 inch lift that is easy to install and does not create additional strain on th front and rear suspension arms...and not expensive (looked at Old man emu 20mm lift but for 1250$ debating if its worth it)

Have a great day everyone :D

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I have the OME on a 2013 GV3 - 20mm lift front, 40mm lift back. Much better ride and handling both on and off road. I think it was worth the money but not as much lift as I had hoped for as I wanted just a little more. But then I don't expect to have any issues with alignment or the need for camber bolts.
I have the ARB winch bar and IPF driving lights (but no winch) so front had previously sagged about 10mm on the original springs.
The OME brought it up to original and then added about 10mm.
Now clearance lowest point under the car is about 218mm with 235/70/16 Pirelli Scorpion ATR tyres. This is measured from ground to bottom of lowest bash plate.
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