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Hello, I have been skimming a few forums and places trying to get a good idea of what I have gotten myself into with my Jimny, and figured I would ask for some advice and thoughts. To begin with this Jimny will be my daily driver in Misawa Japan. It will have to be able to drive in some pretty serious snow. The trails are mostly mud and woods type of trails. Not many rocks to be found. I am trying to gather parts for my build while I am out of the country so I will have everything in place when I get back to Japan. I am starting to think I might not be setting up a daily drivable Jimny. I have the following set-up

JA11 Jimny ~2.5" lift I think
Cappuccino K6A - (8500rpm Redline)
stock axle gear ratio is 5.51 (or something like that)
Rear lunchbox locker
6.5:1 kit

My real concern is the gearing. With stock axle gearing so low, and now the 6.5:1 kit, I am wondering if I will have gearing too low for the largest tire I can run with stock axles and a 3 cylinder engine (I am thinking 235/85r16's). I am thinking I can make up for it with the 8500rpm redline though. Hopefully someone on here can provide more thoughts before I settle on a tire size.

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The information on the websites is for Samurai's and in some cases the newer Jimnys. I was able to compile some information though incase anybody with a 660cc Jimny is looking for gear info.

JA11 Jimny gearing:
1st - 4.063
2nd - 2.361
3rd - 1.469
4th - 1.000
5th - 0.831
R - 3.809

Rind and pinion - 5.125

High - 1.580
Low - 2.511

T-case gearing swaps:
4.16:1 - No change in High gear. both are 1.58:1
4.9:1 - 3.5% change in High gear (1.634:1). 28" tires for stock 2&4H gearing
6.5:1 - 7% change in High gear (1.69:1). 29" tires for stock 2&4H gearing

And a link to play around with your own gear ratios: Gear Ratio Calculator
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