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I have had gas smell coming in through the vents for over 8 months now. The dealer assures me there is no gas leak (but I think all they did was hook it up to the fuel scanner, and I am not sure what good that does if it's a loose seal or a tiny hole in the fuel system somewhere).

This is VERY FRUSTRATING that they cannot find the source of the smell. The problem is inconsistent, so it makes it harder to diagnose (typically, the smell occurs a few minutes after starting up first thing in the AM, and the smell lasts only a few minutes - BUT, some mornings - NO SMELL AT ALL!). Grrrr...

Anyway, I've seen other posts of people with GV that have gas smell problems and I am wondering if it's been properly diagnosed anywhere. I saw a TSB dated July '03 regarding the EVAP Canister Purge Valve Service Revision. Anyone know what this means? Could this be my problem?

Thanks in advance!
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