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Philips Type Model Product Description Pack Remarks

4200K - 2007 Conversion Kit (Bulb + Ballast)
85809 4200K H1 Conv. kit 85809 4K P14,5s X2 USD485
85815 4200K H4 Conv. kit 85815 4K P43t-38 X2 USD580
85813 4200K H7 Conv. kit 85813 4K PX26d X2 USD485
85831 4200K HB4 Conv. kit 9006 85831 4K X2 USD519

4200K - 2007 Conversion Bulb Only
85809 4200K H1 Conv. bulb 85809 4K P14,5s X2 USD229
85815 4200K H4 Conv. bulb 85815 4K P43t-38 X2 USD325
85813 4200K H7 Conv. bulb 85813 4K PX26d X2 USD229
85831 4200K HB4 Conv. bulb 9006 85831 4K X2 USD259

6000K - 2007 Conversion Kit (Bulb + Ballast)

85810 6000K H1 Conv. kit 85810 6K P14,5s X2 USD519
85816 6000K H4 Conv. kit 85816 6K P43t-38 X2 USD615
85814 6000K H7 Conv. kit 85814 6K PX26d X2 USD520
85832 6000K HB4 Conv. kit 9006 85832 6K X2 USD549

6000K - 2007 Conversion Bulb Only
85810 6000K H1 Conv. bulb 85810 6K P14,5s X2 USD290
85816 6000K H4 Conv. bulb 85816 6K P43t-38 X2 USD389
85814 6000K H7 Conv. bulb 85814 6K PX26d X2 USD290
85832 6000K HB4 Conv. bulb 9006 85832 6K X2 USD325

2007 Conversion Electronics (Ballast Only)
85901 C.E. Ballast Conv. Electronics 85901 XM USD290

Replacement bulbs
Xenon HID D2S (4200K) 85122 CM D2S 4200K X2 USD285
Xenon HID D2R 85126 CM D2R 4200K X2 USD285
Xenon HID D2S (6000K) 85122 WX D2S 6000K X2 USD359
Xenon HID D2R 85126 WX D2R 6000K X2 USD359

These are original Philips bulbs, starters & ballast Made in Germany (Philips), repacking in Korea (Philips). They are not legal for sale in Europe market thus in Philips online catalogue you only can found their tiny packaging photo in thumbnail size without much information.

We are the authorised dealer for Philips product for sale in Malaysia. You can find more in here in our online webstore. - Powered by Lelong and check out our feedback.

For this moment we only accept two model of payment method.

1. Western Union
2. PayPal ([email protected]) <- Check out our profile

We would like to ship out the parcel via two method.
1. Airmail parcel post (insured)
2. EMS (highly recommended with tracking number)
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