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Extreamly light weight (or lite?). Something like 13.2lbs per wheel. Look them up online for a picture. These are extreamly nice one peice wheels made for racing, they are considered some of the sexyiest racing wheels ever made. There will be maybe 2-3k miles on them when I sell them which wont be for a month or two. Rota wheels are awesome and I highly recommend them to anyone... if i am given the choice (right wheel size/patter/weight/ect) I will get them again.

Three of the wheels are in 100% perfect condition, the 4th had some road rash but I painted it and you can barley tell.

The wheels will be sold without tires, unless your intrested in the tires also but they cost 100$ a peice and only will have 1k miles on them by the time I wanna sell these.

If no1 wants them within the time frame I need to get rid of them (1-2.5 months) they will go on ebay.

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